Animal Crossing Special Issue Foreword


  • Rainforest Scully-Blaker
  • Emily Flynn-Jones


Welcome, dear reader, to this selection of essays on Nintendo’s Animal Crossing series. This was one of those special issues that came into being for the simple reason that both of us felt that we needed it to exist. It involved a lot of hard work and planning on our part, but we were certainly not alone. Our authors, of course, whose pieces are teased in more detail below, all presented us with intriguing, high-quality essays and have diligently polished them to a mirror shine. The sheer quality of this work would of course not have been possible without the efforts of our generous and discerning peer-reviewers. Finally, we would certainly be remiss to not mention the journal itself, without which this project would not even have gotten off the ground. So while this foreword is our chance as editors to throw our voices into the conversations contained within this issue, we wanted to ensure that we acknowledged all the people whose labour made what follows possible since we strongly feel that this has been much more than a pragmatic exercise in producing scholarly deliverables.